Download Database

Below you have the possibility to download a compressed file (Reactions_BKMS.tar.gz) including the table in tab stop separated format (Excel, OpenOffice)! The table contains actual data of BRENDA (release 2018.2, only reactions with naturally occuring substrates), MetaCyc (version 21.5), SABIO-RK (02/05/2018) and KEGG data, downloaded the 23th of April 2012. (Downloading more recent KEGG data cannot be offered because a KEGG license agreement would be necessary.)
Please click for download on the disk icon!

Table Architecture

Structure of table Reactions.

(The Stoichiometry Check explains whether the reaction is stoichiometric balanced or not. In the columns Missing Substrate and Missing Product incomplete reactions are further described by the number of missing atoms. Pathway IDs are only available via the download file!)